Hengecraft Games

Board Game Lifestyle!​

We started this company with the mind to create fun games and accessories for the board game lifestyle.

We want to start with making fun games that can be brought to the table no matter who is setting down to play. We are just starting out and have many games and ideas of where this will go. We will see together! Just to start we have 3 games in the prototype state. Once we have these into testing phase we would love to get them onto the table for as many players as we can.

Beyond the games, we want to help supply your game night with everything we can to make it fun and memorable. What’s the one thing that any good game night needs? Thats right snacks!! We will be rolling out a gaming themed snack division too!

Stick around and see where this wild ride will take all of us!

Emily, Scott, and Theo​

Meet the Team

Emily Hengehold CEO / Owner

Emily is the real brains behind this whole operation. She is the owner, CEO, General Badass. Not only does she find time to keep the Lead Designer on task, she also has the time to primarily raise an amazing brilliant 2 year old (Theo). Emily has many years in the Non-Profit sectors, she has also ran the resturaunt at a Hike-in Lodge in The Great Smoky National Park for several years. She is the Muse of the Lead Designer (and Husband)! None of this company would be possible with out her!!!

Scott Hengehold Lead Designer / IT

Scott is, well, Me. I am a Field Engineer and Serive Support Training Manager for a NC based company. I have been in this field for over 20 years. I have always had a love for board games, well games in general. I have been playing video games since the Atari was popular (I know Old Guy Alert!!!) I have also played D&D for better than half of my life, and board games, I can remember making up our own rules to the original Mouse Trap game (mostly because it was a hand-me-down from my older brothers that had lost many of the pieces). I can also take full blame for my Wife’s love of board games. I took her from “I’ve played Monopoly” to “Theo is in bed, can we play Smallworld, or Evolution?” She is the Muse that talked me into starting to design and develope the games that I have been kicking around in my head for years. I owe everything to my wonderful Wife!


To create fun, challenging games with high replayability. We want to help create a fun and memorable game night for your family and friends.


Fun Games​
Challenging experiences
Games for all types of gamers