Take the role of a General Manager of a Vacation Lodge.  Try to hire the best Management Team, to get the most employees, utilize the best Venues, offer the best Amenities, and offer the finest Events. The higher the popularity for your Lodge, the more money available in the budget for more value for your guests.  Team up with other Lodges in the area or sabotage them to increase your popularity in HÜTTE (German for Lodge or Inn).

Bar Golf / TBD

Rain, cold, or other things holding you back from playing a fun round of golf with your friends and family? Bar Golf allows you to enjoy the competition of 18 holes of golf on ANY course from the comfort of your home.  Bar Golf is designed to be a quick, easy to learn, easy to play card and dice game to play as a quick 9 hole round of golf or a marathon 72 hole weekend.  Shuffle, deal, and try to get the best round.  With multiple different game variations in a small package, you can play a solo round of golf, or have a massive 8 person scramble in a small carry in your pocket game.


This idea came after listening to an audible book about disapperances in the Smoky Mountains. It is a play as you want 1 to 4 player game. There is no win scenario, just survive as long as you can!

Update: 3/2024: This will become a piece of our Search and Rescue Game (Untitled) to create a one vs many co-op style game or playable as a hidden movement type game. New pictures to come!!